Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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“Awesome experience, when we went to look for our replacement spa, we knew we wanted to go back to a and Baker is the place! Excellent sales staff Joshua, tremendous work on arranging a delayed delivery date thanks Bobbi! And John and crews yes two teams to get our old dead inherited spa off the hillside deck and our new Grandee installed and commissioned! You won’t go wrong with Baker!” – Tim Pickering

“Excellent experience with the family at Baker when buying our first hot tub! Bobby was especially helpful. Last fall about this time we did the “wet test” here and with many competitors and came back to the Gleam! Have had it for almost a year now and loving it. It’s so big and wonderful! The spa season is here with cooler weather and great times for a hot tub. Even if you’ve never owned a spa or pool like us, Baker will guide you through the process. Our kids love it with plenty of room for friends. Or just the two of us is fine too!” – Nancy McNevin

“We purchased a Vanguard Spa and couldn’t be any happier. Working with Bobbe we selected the spa that best met the features we wanted. We were doing a major renovation of our home and she worked well with us and the ever-changing construction schedule. When we were ready to accept delivery the installation was prompt. Since our purchase, Josh has worked with us to ensure we have the proper water quality and are maintaining the spa for optimum performance. This is a great business who genuinely cares about meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations.” – Karen Spillers

“Baker Pool and Spa has been wonderful. We love our new hot tub and the Silk Balance system. We did have some trouble with the floor model we bought, but Baker replaced the parts at no charge. We are now enjoying care free use of our hot tub following their regular maintenance procedures. I would highly recommend this company.” – David Russert

“We have been going to Baker for 18 years. They put in our pool and then we purchased our s hot tub from them. We have always gotten the best service from everyone there….Bobbie, John, Josh……. They are always extremely helpful and knowledgeable no matter what it is we come in for. I can’t say enough good things about them. I wouldn’t trust anyone else? Thank you!!!!!!” – Debbie Wade