Silk Balance Auto Ship Program

Never Run Out of Relaxation.

Choose Silk Balance Auto-Delivery Services for on-time, convenient delivery.

Baker Pool & Spa wants to make your relaxation experience as easy and hassle-free as possible, which is why we provide Silk Balance Auto-Delivery Services. Convenient, less expensive, and free of shipping costs, you can make sure that you never run out of Silk Balance spa chemicals by getting on an automatic delivery schedule.

Let Baker Pool & Spa provide you with Silk Balance Auto-Delivery Services, customized based on your spa size. Feel free to contact us or stop in to sign up today!



Products In-Store Delivery
Silk Balance 76oz     (4oz per week) $189.99 $189.99
Silk Balance Gems   (One Gem per week)   (16 Gems Per Bottle) $189.99 $179.99
Silk Balance Shock Gems  (40 Gems per Bottle) $89.99 $79.99
Freshwater Stick $  42.99 $37.99 + Shipping
Silk Balance & Freshwater Stick $232.99 $232.99
Silk Balance Gems & Freshwater Stick $232.99 $212.98
Nature2 Stick $ 59.99 $49.99 + Shipping
Pool RX Up to 400 Gallons $ 42.99 $37.99 + Shipping
Pool RX Over 400 Gallons $ 44.99 $39.99 + Shipping
Freshwater Salt Cell $ 99.99 $94.99 + Shipping


Shipping Schedule

Spa Size Bottle Size Weekly Dose Bottle Shipment Schedule
400 Gallons or less 38 oz 3 oz Every 3 months
400 Gallons or less 76 oz 3 oz Every 6 months
More Than 400 Gallons 38 oz 4 oz Every 2 months
More Than 400 Gallons 76 oz 4 oz Every 4 months



*** Home delivery takes place on or around the 1st of every month. If you ever find yourself with less or more than what you need, you may call us to adjust your shipment schedule. We deliver anywhere in the US!

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