Pool Cleaner Repair

Revive Your Pool Cleaner's Performance: Comprehensive Check-ups and Discounted Parts at Baker Pool

Your pool cleaner works hard, so you don’t have to. But sometimes, the wear and tear of daily use becomes too much, and it simply won’t work like it used to. Or, in some cases, it won’t work at all! Many things can happen with a pool cleaner. Dirt and debris left behind, wheels not turning and bumpers wearing down, and so much more can hinder a pool cleaner. When this happens, bring it to Baker Pool for a check-up.

We offer free checkups and 10% off parts from January -March every year.

Repair Process

  1. Drop off your cleaner at our Chesterfield location.
  2. There is a benchwork fee required at drop-off.
    • $40 for cleaners unless under warranty bought from Baker Pool & Spa
    • $100 for Robotic not bought from Baker Pool & Spa that are under warranty.
    • $140 for Commercial Robotic Cleaners (Maytronics Only)
  3. What to bring?
    • Robotic Cleaners – Bring cleaner and power supply.
    • Pressure and Suction Cleaners – Bring cleaner and any hoses.
  4. If any issues that are not under warranty need to be repaired, you will be contacted, and we will not proceed with repair until we have your approval.

Warranty Station

We are a warranty station for the following cleaners. If the cleaner was not bought from Baker Pool & Spa Retail, there will be a $100 benchwork fee. Proof of purchase is required to complete any warranty work.

  • Maytronics/Dolphin (Any Model)
  • Polaris
  • Hayward
  • Pentair

Pool Cleaner Repair Request Form

Pool Cleaner Request Form (#17)