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Solar Breeze NX2


Eliminate Hand Skimming!

All pools accumulate debris, organic material, pollen and dust from the surrounding environment, and this material needs to be removed to keep the pool water clean of algae, staining, etc. Since most pool owners cannot afford to run their pool filtration systems round-the-clock because of high energy costs, they often resort to removing this material manually using a hand skimmer.

With Solar-Breeze, you can throw away your manual skimmer and look forward to jumping into a clean, clear pool anytime you want. Our customers are amazed at how the Solar-Breeze keeps their pool clean and shining.

Solar Breeze NX2

With the Solar-Breeze, your pool is always Swim Ready or Party Ready. No more scrambling to get your pool clean for that backyard barbecue or party, and no need to spend time hand skimming the pool when you get home from work, just jump right in!

Using only energy from the sun with no cords, hoses or attachments, this intelligent robot operates all day in your pool, removing leaves, dust and debris so that you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. And after the sun goes down, Solar-Breeze continues to work hard cleaning your pool for several hours into the night using energy stored in its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. When the battery charge drops below a specified level, it will stop and a red light will flash indicating a low battery. When the sun comes up in the morning, the battery will recharge and the apparatus will start up again automatically.



Dear Baker Pool & Spa store and hot tub Customer,

As the world battles the Coronavirus, it is essential that we maintain all bodies of water to prevent the spread of other diseases. To that end, it is our sincere hope for our store in the Chesterfield Valley (6 THF Blvd 63005) to remain open during our normal business hours throughout the “Stay at Home Order” issued by the St Louis County Department of Public Health. As a business that supports the sanitation of numerous bodies of water throughout the area, we will continue to serve our customers until otherwise ordered.

That being said, we will not maintain a full staff at the store in an effort to comply with “social distancing” guidelines. We have the following options to serve you during this period:

1. Curbside Pickup – Simply call in your order (636-532-3133) and we will contact you when it is ready.

2. Delivery – We can deliver your season supply of pool chemicals to your garage. Delivery charges are as follows:

  • $25 within 15 miles of our store.
  • $50 from 15 – 30 miles.
  • Beyond 30 miles, please call for a quote.

Water Test Drop Box – Our drop box is located on the outside back wall of the store. You can drop off a water sample 24/7 and we will contact you when your results are ready. Please make sure your bottle includes your name, address and preferred contact number.
For hot tub repair and maintenance services, we are running routs as normal and would ask for your cooperation at this time as follows:

Please remain inside your home when our technician is onsite. The tech will call you when they arrive and before they leave.
We will not be performing any services that require us entering homes at this time.
Thank you for your patience during these unique circumstances.

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