Wow….what an improvement!!

I replaced my 14 year old Jetsetter with the latest model and included the Silk Balance option. Wow….what an improvement!! Not only does the hot tub help my arthritis but now my skin feels great! This a a great system and I use it every night before I go to bed. I also enjoy the water system…so fresh and clean. Thank you, Baker Pool & Spa, for introducing me to this wonderful system.

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Kathleen Janson — Fenton,MO

I wouldn’t want to attempt maintaining our tub without it.

This is a great product. Keeping all the chemicals in our hot tub can be very difficult and hard to understand. The use of SilkBalance makes this process as easy as it can be. I wouldn’t want to attempt maintaining our tub without it.

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Eiseman — Ladue, MO

We will recommend this product to our friends.

We love the Silk Balance system. It is simple to use and gentle on our skin. We will recommend this product to our friends.

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Mr. & Mrs Gunn — St. Louis, MO

This is a wonderful product!

Before switching to SilkBalance, I loved my spa but paid a price every time I used it: dry, itcy skin and at times, a rash. Now that I use SilkBalance, I enjoy the spa more often because it no longer creates skin problems. This is a wonderful product!

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Wildwood, MO

Thanks SilkBalance.

I have had a spa at my condo since moving in 4 years ago. I love the relaxation it gives. I and my family use it regularly year round. After switching to SilkBalance I found the chemical treatments of the spa to be easier and the effects on my skin to be less. With frequent use in the past dry skin was the norm. Not any more. With SilkBalance my skin feels smooth and I don’t even shower after to rinse off. Thanks SilkBalance.

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Eric — Chesterfield, MO

Thanks for making such a Fantastic product!

Bobbe my sales person was telling how Great Silk balance is and that I should use it instead of a salt water treatment, but I was like hum! So she said she used it and it was all it said it would be! So I purchased the SilkBalance with my Spa! Wow She was Spot on when she said I would use less chemicals, But on top of that he way it makes your skin feel is Awesome! Now I know why its called Silk Balance! I will continue to use this Great product and will probably sign up with Baker Pool & Spa for automatic delivery!

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Brian Hartenstine — St. Charles, MO

Thanks for your great product.

Ever since we changed from a chlorine regimen to Silk Balance, we have enjoyed our spa so much more. The water is softer and easier on our skin. The clarity of the water is better maintained with Silk Balance. It also is much less complicated. We wind up using our hot tub more than in the past. Thanks for your great product.

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The Highbloom Family — Chesterfield, MO

Thanks for a great product!

Switching our spa to SilkBalance has made a big difference! Water care is easier than ever, it is always sparkling, and the water always smells clean and fresh. My wife had issues with the previous spa maintenance solution drying her skin to the point where she was hesitant to use the spa, but with SilkBalance, this is no longer an issue.

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Hummel Family — Wildwood, MO

Thank you so much!

We originally bought our spa with salt based water. This proved to be a constant battle keeping the water clear and clean, especially with a lot of use. This required premature draining, cleaning and water replacement. This became inconvenient, expensive, and annoying. Switching to Silkbalance has been a blessing. Our spa remains crystal clear and clean with a minimum of effort to ensure the water is properly balanced, requiring a fraction of the time it took to consistently enjoy our spa without Silkbalance. Thank you so much!

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Brad & Kerry Bakula — Ballwin, MO


What more can be said…No more pH/Alkalinity adjustments and “tweaks”, no more dry/itchy skin, no more chlorine smell. SilkBalance takes care of them all. Adding a predetermined amount to my hot tub once a week…how much easier can it be?

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Chris Kilpatrick — Highridge, MO

Thank You Silk Balance and Thank you To Baker Pool and Spa!

Silk Balance has made the water so soft and our spa is so easy to maintain! My skin feels so much softer with Silk Balance in our s Spa. We will never go back to the harsh chemicals we used before we discovered Silk Balance. Thank You Silk Balance and Thank you To Baker Pool and Spa!

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The Schulze Family — Manchester, MO

Thank you so much Baker Pool and Silk Balance for giving me a brand new spa experience.

It was a great day that I went to my favorite Spa shop, Baker Pool and was introduced to Silk Balance. I had been reading about the product on the internet and so I was more than willing to accept Josh’s recommendation and give it a try. I cannot believe the difference in the feel of the water! It feels like silk…. Before I started using Silk Balance I had always showered after using my spa to get the chlorine feel off of my skin. The water smells wonderful and not like harsh chemicals. The ease of maintaining the spa is fantastic. I will not miss the weekly time spent feeling like a mad scientist and always being worried that the spa was not in balance. Thank you so much Baker Pool and Silk Balance for giving me a brand new spa experience.

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Neathery Fuller — St. Louis, MO