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Dimplex Stoves

Warm things up with instant charm

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Warm things up with instant charm

Flame Technology

Patented technologies and artful attention to detail create a flame effect that is perfectly authentic.

Inner Glow Logs

A variety of Dimplex fireplaces come with our patented inner glow logs and pulsating embers to offer you the most realistic electric firebox on the market.

Supplemental Heat

Includes a powerful fan-forced heater designed to keep the rooms you spend the most time in warm. Reduce your central furnace temperature and cut your heating costs!

Compact Size

Add warmth and style to any space with the compact space saving designs of Dimplex stoves.


Our wide range of style options makes it easy to choose the perfect stove to fit with your home décor.

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This space-saving stove is ideal for any small space that could use some warmth and charm. Classic picture frame front, matte black finish, damper-look slots and mini plinth complete the traditional stove design.

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This electric stove gives the instant ambiance of a traditional fireplace experience that is ideal for all living spaces large and small. It features a rich gloss black finish that will compliment any de?cor. With its fashionable door handle, gracefully swept legs and carved side panels, it brings a smooth comfort into any room.

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Stockbridge Opti-Myst

The Stockbridge Electric Stove sets the stage perfectly for the revolutionary Opti-myst® flame and smoke effect. From the high gloss finish to the working doors, the authentic details combine with dazzling water mist flames to create an eye-catching focal point in any room. The ideal alternative to gas or wood, the Stockbridge offers incredible realism without the costly installation or safety concerns of traditional stoves.

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Mini Cube

This unique and charming electric stove adds warmth and pizzazz to any room. The clean, modern lines are highlighted by the gloss red finish and louvered front panel. Realistic flames rise up from a glowing coal bed providing cozy ambiance year-round.

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The Celeste’s old world charm and craftsmanship, along with its elegant gloss finish provides a beautiful finishing touch to any room. The thermostat controlled fan forced heater and ability to showcase the flame with or without heat, means you can enjoy your stove year round. The Celeste is available in cream or black to suit your room décor.