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Kona Above Ground Pools

Kona Above
Ground Pools

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The Toughest Above Ground Pools

Kona Pools are high-quality above ground pools and accessories with an industry leading warranty.

The Benefits of a Kona Pool

  • Rectangle pools are 52" tall; round pools are 50" tall
  • Exclusive inter-connected frame design
  • We have the only complete frame around the top and bottom of the pool for an incredibly rigid pool
  • Made in Italy from heavy-duty German made vinyl
  • Flexible PVC plumbing that will last as long as the pool
  • The only pool available with a 20-year warranty
  • First 5 years 100% guaranteed

Round Pools

With only two metal hardware parts, a top rail, and a leg, our round pools are easy to install. As an industry leader, we provide world-class quality pool products that are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.


5300 Gallons Pool 9000 Gallons Pool 13200 Gallons Pool

Rectangle Pools

Our rectangle pools have one of the most durable frame designs on the market today. We develop our pools with an interconnected frame that securely connects the sides and rails. Every one of our pools are backed by one of the best and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.


3700 Gallons Pool 4800 Gallons Pool 7900 Gallons Pool 10000 Gallons Pool 15300 Gallons Pool