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After spending the time to pick out the best hot tub for the home, having it installed and getting it ready to use, it’s important to get the most out of the luxurious new addition to the home.

These three tips for getting the most out of a new hot tub will help people enjoy them to the max and make spending time in the hot tub as wonderful as it should always be.

Keep Spa Supplies on Hand

Have a storage area nearby for cleaning supplies and spa chemicals so caring for the hot tub is easy. When everything is easy to access and ready to use, the hot tub is more likely to be cleaned and cared for in the right way.

Keep a list of items that need to be replaced as they get used, so that when it is time to clean the hot tub it isn’t necessary to stop and run out to the store for equipment or supplies. Along with equipment and cleaning supplies, it’s a good idea to stock up on some extra robes, towels and even swimsuits so that friends or family that drop by can enjoy some time in the hot tub.

Make a Schedule to Maintain Health

In a busy world, people can get caught up in all of the duties of the day and forget to take care of themselves. With a hot tub in the yard there’s no reason to ever deal with stress or continue on with aches and pains, but it may happen simply because there isn’t enough time and the day is over before people think about making use of it.

Put hot tub time on the schedule so it is a part of the daily routine. Adding a few minutes of hot tub time at the start of the day can help people energize, wake up and be ready to do better at work or school. Soaking in the hot tub after hobbies or sports soothes tired, strained muscles. Soaking after work or school relieves stress and tension and soaking before bedtime relaxes the body and regulates inner temperatures so people can sleep better.

When extended family and friends are going to join in the fun, make sure to add it the schedule to be sure that there is time to gather up extra food and drinks for everybody. Remind visitors to bring their suits and towels and add the time to their schedules as well so they don’t forget.
Make Sure the Hot Tub Area is Maintained Well Too

Everyone thinks about the cleanliness and safety of the hot tub itself, but it can be easy to overlook the outer areas. Routinely check the surrounding area to make sure the walkway around the hot tub is clear and uncluttered. Make sure there is adequate lighting in the area for nighttime soaks and instruct everyone in the household on how to use the safety rails to get in and out so they don’t slip and fall.

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About Wentzville


Wentzville is a suburb of St. Louis that is located in western St. Charles County, Missouri, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 29,070.[5] Population estimates in 2018 have placed the city’s population at 41,164, making it the 16th largest city in Missouri. Wentzville was the fastest growing city in Missouri between 2000 and 2010 by percentage increased, and population estimates since 2010 indicate that Wentzville is on track to continue as the state’s fastest growing city for a second consecutive decade.[6][7][8] As the site of the county fairgrounds, Wentzville hosts the St. Lazlo Wentz Festival and the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire.

Wentzville was laid out in 1855.[9] The community has the name of the chief engineer of the Northern Missouri Railroad Erasmus Livingston Wentz.[10] A post office called Wentzville has been in operation since 1859.[11]

The Wentzville Tobacco Company Factory was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.[12]

Wentzville is the location of the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the United States. It began as a tree of lights to help raise money in 1967 to send gifts to active servicemen, but later evolved by 1984 to a carved eagle atop a pillar of granite. It has become a regular stop in the national “Run for the Wall” trip for veterans.[13]

Location of Wentzville
Coordinates: 38°48′58″N 90°51′26″W

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