Baker Pool Supports Effective Communication Month, Used Hot Tubs St. Louis

Baker Pool & Spa, a St. Louis new and used hot tub and portable spa dealer in the greater St. Louis area publishes 3 Ways to Communicate More Efficiently.

“Communication is a vital tool in business and equally important in developing a strong relationship in any area of life. As Effective Communication Month happens this month, take the time to think about ways to develop better correspondence skills to improve business, personal and social interactions,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa.

Here are three ways to communicate more efficiently.

Provide a Comfortable Place for Effective Communication

Used Hot Tubs St. Louis

The place people choose to talk about events of the day, problems or even happy memories makes a difference in how those things are conveyed. Talking in a hectic place, whether at work or at home, can make it difficult to pay attention to what is being talked about, understand the conversation and absorb meanings.

Creating a positive place that is soothing and peaceful to have conversations is the best way to ensure that communications will be taken seriously and well. Adding a hot tub to the backyard or on a patio is a great way to accomplish that goal, and much more.

A portable spa is easy to set up, efficient to operate and a powerful tool for health and well-being as well as a popular method of creating a space that is soothing, peaceful and enjoyable for all members of the family. A hot tub’s naturally luxurious atmosphere calms nerves in even the most heated discussion. It also offers parents a place to have difficult conversations with teens in a way that is relaxing and tension-free.

Listening is the Number One Communication Tool
In order to have conversations and ideas absorbed and taken seriously, people also need to realize that communication is a two-way street. The best tool for good communication is strong listening skills. Pay attention to what others are saying during the conversation. It helps propel the discussion forward and address all areas of need. It also gives people feedback on their own position in the discussion, and a way to guide the outcome in a positive manner.

Consider the Impact
While voicing an opinion during a conversation, people will do best if they first take a moment to think about the words they are using, and what impact they will have. Using trigger words that they know will incite, rather than inform, will only create hostility where the intent is to bring together.

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