3 Signs it’s Time to Own a Backyard Spa, St. Louis Hot Tubs for Sale

Written By Baker Pool & Spa

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“Regular hot tub use is a proven way to increase health and well-being and a smart way to stay mentally and physically balanced,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here are 3 signs it’s time for a hot tub at home.

Pain Medication Alternative – Many people ive with aches and pains. Unfortunately, for some, pain is a chronic condition that impacts them daily. Rather than reaching for a prescription or



over-the-counter aids, why not explore all-natural pain relief with the spa? Heat and massage work together in the spa to target precisely where pain generates in the muscles and joints.

Better Stress Management Plan – When the chaos and tension of everyday life create stress, soaking in a hot tub is a practical solution. Elevated stress that goes unmanaged can trigger pain, especially in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. A stiff neck can be debilitating, preventing many people from doing the things they enjoy. With personalized hot tub hydromassage, stress can be easily managed from the comfort of home. Soak in the spa in the morning to relieve stiff muscles and use it at night to unwind after a challenging day.

The Need for Deep, Restful Sleep – Hot tub enthusiasts often boast of improved sleep. Soaking in the spa before bed calms and relaxes the body, and prepares the mind to settle into a deep, restful sleep. Elevated heat and massage raise core body temperature. When exiting the tub, the temperature decreases rapidly, attempting to cool down. This process mimics the natural progression from awake to sleep, helping the body transition easily.

To learn more about the benefits of owning a Dimension One Spa, pick up a copy of a free hot tub buyer’s guide from Baker Pool & Spa. Just give them a call or visit the website at: St. Louis Hot Tubs for Sale.

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