Baker Pool, a St. Louis Hot Tub Dealer Serving Union and Clayton MO., Supports Romance Awareness Month

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Baker Pool & Spa, a prominent Dimension One Hot Tubs and Spas dealer serving the St. Louis, Union, and Clayton, MO., area, publishes 3 Ways to Increase Romance in a Relationship.



“August is Romance Awareness Month and a great time to think of new ways to improve a relationship,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. There are many ways to kick a relationship back into high gear and get the sparks of romance burning again. Most of them are simple and easy to do all year long.

Here are the three fastest ways to increase romance in a relationship.

Increase the Romance by Taking it Outdoors – Add a hot tub to the patio or backyard for an instant atmosphere of romance and excitement. Hot tubs have many health benefits, but one of the best is the feeling of relaxation and luxury they offer to make people feel at ease and comfortable. Added elements such as mood lighting, built-in stereo systems, or water features can make the hot tub experience even more romantic.

Make Dinner for Each Other – Going out to a big fancy dinner can get expensive to do often, but it’s easy to keep dinner romantic. People can take turns making dinner for each other, and finding ways to make it more romantic such as lighting candles, making sure the table is set beautifully, and taking the time to learn a partner’s favorites or special foods. Those are just little things, but they can make an ordinary dinner much more romantic and special.

Just Spend Time Together – Read books, talk about the future, even discuss the events of the day together in the evenings for an added sense of romance and stronger relationship bonds. Just taking the time to be together, instead of being separated in the same house, doing different things can make a huge difference in the romantic atmosphere of the home.

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