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“Soaking in the hot, massaging water of the spa is a smart way to promote cardiovascular health,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here’s how to boost your heart health by soaking in a hot tub.

Get the Benefits of Cardio Without Stressing Your Heart – Soaking in a hot tub can cause the same physiological response as doing light cardiovascular exercise. The elevated heat of the water triggers the heart to pump harder, increasing blood flow and improving nutrient delivery to the cells. A smart, practical way to give the heart a mini workout without the stress of traditional physical activity is to soak in the spa.

De-Stress for a Healthier Heart – Stress and tension that go unchecked can have serious consequences on overall health, including your heart. The hot tub is designed to relieve stress with clusters of powerful jets delivering targeted massage. Jets can be customized to target exactly where the body needs it most. Massage away stress from the neck, shoulders, or lower back, and reduce tension pain that causes anxiety and high blood pressure.

Increase Oxygen Delivery to the Body – A healthy body uses oxygen to keep everything working as it should. The more oxygen you get, and the easier it is to distribute through the body, the better people feel. Soaking in a spa at home can help promote efficient oxygen delivery by increasing blood flow. With more blood traveling through the body, tissues and cells get the nutrient-rich blood they need to stay healthy and strong. For the heart, this means less stress and less work for great results.

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