Large and Small Hot Tubs Dealer in Chesterfield, St. Peters and St. Louis Shares Tips for National Optimism Month

Baker Pool & Spa a Dimension One New and Used Spas Dealer Serving Chesterfield, St. Peters and St. Louis Publishes 3 Ways to Benefit from an Optimistic Attitude.

“Being optimistic has many advantages in everyday life,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa.


Being optimistic can help people live a happier, less stressful life that encourages better chances of success and helps them enjoy their lives even when things do not go the way they want them to.

Here are three ways to benefit from an optimistic attitude right from the start.

Don’t Dwell on Problems, Solve Them – Most optimists like to identify a problem and then move on to solving it as quickly as possible. They do not stop to wallow in the bad feelings of how a situation affects them. They simply work on getting past it. The immediate benefit of switching the way a problem is dealt with is an increase in self-esteem, lowering of blood pressure levels, and reduced stress.

Help Family Members be Optimistic – Help others in the family, especially the young, develop an optimistic attitude. Family members, young and old, can work together to support their journey in becoming more positive. Validate the opinions and feelings of each other, and when problems occur, help each family member work through them to find positive resolutions to issues, and see how they can improve themselves or their lives as a result.

For a More Optimistic Surrounding, Soak in a Backyard Hot Tub – Creating a surrounding that is soothing, peaceful, and fun in the home gives everyone in the house a place to relish their new positive attitude. A hot tub is a great choice in developing a positive surrounding. Its bubbly, heated water and pool-like setting creates an immediately joyful atmosphere anywhere in the yard, on a patio, or where there is space. Small hot tubs take up very little space making it possible to create a hot tub relaxation spot, even in the tiniest areas.

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