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“Relaxing in the hot, massaging water of an in-home spa is a proven way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here’s how to maximize hot tub hydrotherapy for amazing, restful sleep.

Reduce Aches and Pains That Prevent Sleep – Many can disrupt a good night’s sleep, from nagging arthritis pain to an old injury acting up or just everyday muscle and joint pain. The hot tub is uniquely designed to target the body with heat and massage, easing discomfort and eliminating the pain that settles in the body at night. Use the hot tub 30 minutes before bed and ease into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Reduce Stress That Lingers – Heightened stress is never a good thing. But when it’s time to sleep, tension and stress that build up in the neck and shoulders make it next to impossible to relax. A hot tub is equipped with clusters of jets that push streams of warm water across the back, neck, and shoulders. By targeting deep into the muscles, heat and massage loosen tight, strained muscles, easing stress on contact. As part of a nightly routine, the hot tub can help you transition from a busy day to a relaxing, stress-free night.

Optimize Health for Deep Sleep – Using the spa as part of a daily routine can play a critical role in keeping the circulatory system healthy and strong – key for getting restful sleep. Soaking strengthens the heart, as elevated heat causes an excess of blood to pump throughout the body. More than cardiovascular benefits, taking a relaxing dip can even help curb stress for improved sleep.

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