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Baker Pool & Spa, a Dimension One Hot Tubs and Spas dealer serving the Overland and Richmond Heights, MO., area shares 3 Simple Self Improvement Tips.



“With summer coming to a close, kids are back to school, and days are getting shorter, this is a great time for people to indulge in some self-improvement,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here are 3 simple self-improvement tips that will keep people from going stir crazy while helping them grown and make their lives more fun

Warm Up with a Hot Tub – Fall and winter can still be great outdoor times when there is a hot tub in the yard. People can enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic waters of a hot tub, even on a snowy winter night. Set a hot tub under the porch awning or a gazebo, and no weather is off-limits for enjoying the comforting atmosphere and fun environment a hot tub offers.

A hot tub is an affordable way to provide everyone in the house a place to gather and get pleasure from each other’s company. There are a lot of options available that make a hot tub an even more powerful entertainment tool. With the addition of a built-in stereo or television, a hot tub becomes an all-around entertainment system for year-round use.

Begin a Journal – Everyone can keep a daily journal that helps them learn more about themselves. A personal journal is also a great way to examine desires and plan for a more fulfilling life. Using a journal to outline goals for growth and planning ways to achieve them will help make sure those hopes and desires turn into reality rather than staying a dream.

Learn a Game of Skill – Taking up chess, strategic board games, or even competitive computer games is a good way to keep the mind engaged. For families, board games and chess-type games are an excellent way to spend long, cool nights together, learn about each other, develop ties, and strengthen relationships.

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