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Can soaking in warm, massaging water really provide long term benefits from nagging pain? The spa is a healthy, all-natural strategy and a smart addition to any home.

Here are three ways to ease chronic back pain with a daily dip in the hot tub.

Elevated, Sustained Heat
Applying heat to strained back muscles reduces inflammation and pain instantly. However, it can be tough to reach the entire surface of the back at once. But, slip into the hot tub and cover the entire back with elevated, sustained heat, relaxing and soothing for long lasting relief.

Targeted Massage
Lounging in a hot tub with customizable targeted jets is a smart way to knead away back pain. Hydro-massage decreases pain, but it also stimulates blood circulation and boosts endorphins, which can help you feel better fast.

Buoyancy for Support
When chronic back pain leaves you in discomfort, stepping into the family hot tub can help. Water supports body weight, eliminating strain and pressure from overworked back muscles.

So Go Ahead, Take a Soak, You Deserve it!
It’s, fast, fun and relaxing. Not only that, it’s good for the body, soothes the mind and can improve your overall health and well-being.

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