3 Ways to Use a Hot Tub to Enhance Sleep, Hot Tubs Near Me Ballwin

You’re not alone if you struggle with sleep. Before reaching for a sleep aid, why not explore the benefits of hydrotherapy in the family spa?

A smart, safe, and all-natural alternative to medication, here are three ways to use a hot tub to enhance sleep.

Eliminate Stress That Prevents Sleep
When the body and mind experience high stress, it’s tough to relax. We carry tension and stiff muscles with us, making it difficult to ease into a deep, peaceful sleep. With a hot tub at home, it’s simple to build a healthy stress management plan into every day.

Use Heat to Promote Relaxation
Soaking in elevated heat is proven to relax the body and calm a racing mind. Slip into the hot tub and experience head-to-toe heat, raising core body temperature. When your soak is over, your temperature drops rapidly, triggering the brain to prepare for deep, restful sleep.

Relieve Aches and Pains That Prevent Sleep
The hot tub is the perfect space for fast relief from muscle and joint pain that prevents sleep. 20 minutes of powerful massage targeting the body is just enough to ease discomfort in preparation for bed. Plus, the pain-relieving effects of hydro-massage are long-lasting.

So Go Ahead, Take a Soak, You Deserve it!
It’s fast, fun, and relaxing. Not only that, it’s good for the body, soothes the mind, and can improve your overall health and well-being.

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