Helpful Ways to Control Back Pain in Your Backyard Spa, Hot Tubs Manchester, Oakville MO

Baker Pool & Spa, a Dimension One Spas Dealer Near Ballwin, Manchester and Oakville, Missouri Shares 3 Ways to Control Back Pain in the Hot Tub.


Pain and discomfort make everything more difficult. But when your back is the problem, life stops,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. When medication fails to bring relief and back pain prevents people from doing the things they enjoy, a hot tub can help. With massage, heat, and more, here are 3 ways to control back pain in the family hot tub.

Banish Stress That Triggers Pain – There’s a direct link between stress and pain. The more tension people feel, the more the body responds with tight, stiff muscles. Relieving built-up stress or finding ways to manage it more effectively is a smart way to eliminate tension-triggered back pain. A relaxing soak in the family spa reduces stress while improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells and tissues.

Massage Away the Hurt – When severe back pain hits, one of the fastest ways to get relief is massage. But scheduling time with a personal therapist takes budget, something few people have. A hot tub at home is a great alternative, offering the customized attention people need. Plus, water is buoyant, meaning anyone can relax without strain or pressure from body weight interfering. Hydromassage is an easy solution and an effective way to quickly target the shoulders, neck, or upper back.

Pain-Free Exercise for Increased Flexibility – Many experts believe that it’s possible to reduce the severity and frequency of back pain with regular exercise. Yet physical activity isn’t always easy and can inflame a damaged back even more. Here’s where the hot tub can really help. Water is a cushioned environment, making movement easy and effortless. Once submerged, body weight reduces by as much as 90 percent! In addition, with buoyancy to support, a daily routine of light stretching and strength training can keep recurring back pain at bay.

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