Hot Tubs Dealer Saint Charles, Kirkwood, and Creve Coeur Supports National Gratitude Month

Baker Pool & Spa, a premier Dimension One hot tub and portable spa dealer serving the Saint Charles, Kirkwood, and Creve Coeur, Missouri area publishes “3 Things to Do Each Day to Encourage More Gratitude.”

“Being grateful has many benefits. A strong sense of gratitude can help achieve better success in business, school and life in general. It helps build stronger relationships and friendships. Gratitude


itself breeds optimism and positive emotions that fight anxiety, stress, and depression,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa.

November is National Gratitude Month. However, developing a more thankful spirit is something people should strive to build and strengthen all year long for a more fruitful and happy life. Here are three things to do each day to encourage more gratitude in life.

Find a Peaceful Meditation Spot
The best place to start when looking for a place to meditate is right at home. Adding a hot tub to the yard is the perfect way to create a luxurious, soothing, and peaceful meditation spot. Not only will a portable spa be easy to set up and fit into any space, it is an enjoyable place to spend time with loved ones and gives all members of the household a place to improve their outlook. Hot tubs are a valuable tool for all areas of health – mental, physical and spiritual.

Create a Board of Thanks
A visual representation of the good things in life, placed in a spot of prominence in the home helps people remind themselves constantly that they are blessed and have a lot to be happy about.

An easy way to go about creating a gratitude board is to find images that represent all of the good things that already exist in life and keep them in the forefront of daily thoughts. That’s only part of the process, however. Next is to place it in a spot where it is going to be seen often, or triggers thoughts of gratitude first thing in the morning.

Be Conscious of Thoughts
People need to be conscious of their thoughts throughout the day when developing their grateful attitude. Negativity is a choice, and so is optimism. Everyone has problems that occur randomly throughout life.
Day to day stress, big events, even dangers, can make it more difficult to remain positive and grateful for good things that are happening. That’s why it is important for people to constantly remind themselves to be conscious of what is going in their minds, if it is negative or positive, and to work to turn the negatives into positives.

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