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Baker Pool & Spa, a premier Dimension One hot tub and portable spa dealer serving St. Louis, Creve Couer, St. Charles, Wentzville, MO area, publishes “3 Ways to Improve Family Health.”

“Healthy habits that start at home with the family are the most likely to stick as young people turn into adults living on their own,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here are the three best ways to improve family health.

Reduce the Amount of Time Spent on Video Games – Modern technology has made people’s lives better in many ways, but the isolation it can cause has contributed greatly to the latest



generation being one of the most sedentary ever. Getting kids involved in family workouts or outside exercise can be difficult at first, but people can make it easier by creating daily routines and setting specific times for gaming and exercise.

Encourage Family Togetherness with Family Game Night – Reintroduce the “tried and true” family fun activities that may seem “old school” at first, but will quickly become a favorite. Have everyone participate in family game night hosting games that have a lot of mental value, encouraging family members to plan, think and learn while they have fun. Family game nights not only keep young people on their toes and instill the value of learning games, they also bring family members together creating bonds that are long-lasting.

Add a Hot Tub to the Yard to Create a Complete Entertainment Area for the Whole Family – Games and other programs add a lot of value to family nights, but there are other ways to bring everyone together that people of all ages can enjoy. A hot tub placed on a patio, porch, or under a gazebo provides year-round pleasure and the extra options that are available can turn the already soothing and luxurious hot tub into a full-fledged entertainment zone for the entire family.

Adding a built-in television for family movie night or watching nightly TV shows is a great way to encourage all members of the family to come together and enjoy time with each other. The temperature control keeps the water at the perfect warmth for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. The swirling jet massage relaxes tired muscles and any aches and pains from the day so the whole family is ready for a good night’s sleep.

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