Hydrotherapy Soaks Can Improve Senior Health, Hot Tubs and Spas St. Louis

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“Living the best life as people age involves knowing how to stay fit and healthy. While exercise plays an important role in vitality, not everyone can handle regular physical activity,” said John



McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Chronic pain often makes movement uncomfortable. Add to that, challenges with getting to a gym or fitness center and seniors have limited choices for staying healthy and strong.

Here’s how to use a hot tub for senior health.

Soak Away Aches and Pains – The best feature of the modern hot tub is sustained, elevated heat. Unlike a hot bath that starts to cool the minute you get in, the spa’s temperature-controlled water stays hot until you decide to get out. With elevated heat and invigorating massage penetrating deep under the skin, the hot tub zaps away aches and pains on contact.

Cardiovascular Conditioning – Aerobic exercise isn’t the only way to promote a healthy heart. Soaking in a hot tub can boost cardiovascular health as well. Submerging the body in hot water causes circulation to increase, which triggers the heart to work faster. In small amounts, using the hot tub can mimic the physiological effects of light cardiovascular exercise, giving seniors a smart, healthy reason to soak.

Buoyancy for Support – Seniors dealing with arthritis or joint pain often find physical activity painful or difficult. With a hot tub at home, it’s easy to soak in comfort as buoyancy supports and cushions the joints increasing flexibility and range of motion. With pain-free movement, it’s fun to use resistance bands or the natural resistance of the water to strengthen, tone, and shape the body safely.

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