Better Stress Management in a Dimension One Spa, Hot Tubs and Spas St. Charles

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Baker Pool & Spa, a local hot tub dealer serving St. Charles, Wentzville, and Creve Coeur MO., area shares Better Stress Management in a Hot Tub at Home.



“For many people, winding down from a busy day of work means watching tv or staring at electronic devices. While this may seem relaxing, it’s not truly giving the body and mind the chance to rest,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. A better alternative is personalized massage using heat, buoyancy and targeted jets provide instant relief for tension that builds throughout the day.

Here’s how to get better stress management in a hot tub at home.

Soak Away Tension Pain – Tension and stress impact everyone differently. But one thing that seems to be present in everyone is nagging pain. Tension pain can make a neck feel stiff and tight or cause muscle soreness in the shoulders or lower back. A relaxing soak in the spa is one way to stop stress and tension from building into a chronic condition. Submerge in the soothing water of the hot tub and unwind naturally as intense heat and invigorating massage target every muscle in the body, reducing tension and relieving pain.

Build Space to Unplug – With the ‘always-on’ mentality of today’s world, most people don’t schedule time to disconnect. With a hot tub at home, families have the perfect excuse to put down their smartphones and take in a few relaxing minutes with no distractions. Use this time to slow a racing mind, collect thoughts and prioritize.

Remove Strain and Release Pressure from Joints – Hot tub water is naturally buoyant. That means anyone can slip into the spa and relax comfortably without gravitational pull placing strain or pressure on the joints. Just a few minutes of weightlessness is all it takes to relieve pressure in a strained neck, tight shoulders, or stiff lower back. Used regularly, the hot tub is the key to easy stress management from the comfort and privacy of home.

To learn more about the benefits of owning a Dimension One Spa, pick up a copy of a free hot tub buyer’s guide from Baker Pool & Spa. Just give them a call or visit the website at: Hot Tubs and Spas St. Charles.

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