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Baker Pool & Spa, a local hot tub store and dealer serving the St. Peters, Wildwood, and St. Louis, MO., area shares Therapeutic Benefits From Regular Hydrotherapy.



“Taking a long, relaxing dip in the hot tub is one of life’s greatest pleasures. What most hot tubbers already know is that it’s also a smart strategy for health and wellness,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. With elevated heat, massaging jets, and buoyancy, a spa at home delivers. The medicinal and restorative effects of relaxing in the spa can help people look and feel their best.

Here are three important therapeutic benefits of regular hot tub use.

Reduced Inflammation – Over time, chronic inflammation can trigger an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, even depression. While numerous anti-inflammatory strategies are available, one of the easiest is submerging the body in a hot tub. Massaging jets ease stiffness and inflammation that causes pain, while elevated heat triggers an anti-inflammatory response. From minor muscle fatigue to more serious chronic conditions, a soak in the spa is an excellent way to get relief.

Muscle and Joint Relaxation – The human body is pretty resilient, but stiff muscles and joints impact everyone from time to time. Slip the body into the hot tub, and the natural buoyancy of water supports and cushions joints, providing instant weightlessness. Whether it’s the knees, hip, ankles, or wrists, a quiet soak in the hot tub helps damaged joints relax to keep them moving and preserve strength and flexibility. A quick few minutes of stretching in the spa is a smart, convenient way to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Increased Blood Flow – A soothing dip in the family hot tub does more than relax muscles, it also triggers increased blood flow, boosting cardiovascular health long term. Intense heat causes core body temperature to increase, which triggers the heart to beat faster. With increased heart rate, more blood is pumped throughout the body, delivering extra oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

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