Portable Spa Dealer Shares Tips for Stress Awareness Month, Hot Tub Sale St. Louis

Written By Baker Pool & Spa

The Pool & Spa Experts

Baker Pool & Spa, a Dimension One Portable Spas dealer selling new and used hot tubs in the greater St. Louis area publishes 3 Ways to Beat Stress.

“April is Stress Awareness Month and there’s no denying that modern culture is a stressful one,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. People are busier, lives are faster and relationships

more complicated than ever before. All of that stress produces big health risks like weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke incidents.

Here are three ways to beat stress that anyone can do and even enjoy.

Get the Triple Threat Stress Buster, a Hot Tub – One of the best ways to beat stress is to slip into a bubbling hot tub. Portable spas are easy to install and come in many sizes to fit into almost any space. The great thing about a hot tub is that they are the perfect way to combat all three ways stress affects the body: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Stress is invisible, but it creates real feelings that are hard to dismiss. Tense, hard muscles that are bunched up and knotted are relieved by the pressure of the directional massage jets in a hot tub. Jangled nerves are soothed by the warm, temperature-controlled water. A frazzled mind is calmed by the soothing water. The water’s natural buoyancy also helps take the pressure off joints and bones and is an all-around fantastic environment for relaxation.

Nothing Beats a Good Night’s Sleep – Rest is an important element in beating stress, and getting enough sleep is critical for overall health and well-being. But stress in daily life can make it hard for people to get the sleep they need to combat its effects. A lack of sleep increases the issues that stress causes. It also makes it harder to deal with illness and increases anxiety and anger. When dealing with insomnia, caused by high levels of stress, it is also a good idea to create a “winding down” time as bedtime approaches.

Relax with Soothing Music – Listening to soothing music at any time of day or night is another way that many people relax and reduce stress. This can be done at work, at home and even in the car during those long frustrating commutes. Relaxing “background” sounds like bubbling brooks or streams, summer rain or even the ocean can also clam the mind and relieve tension.

To encourage people to check out the benefits of owning their own hot tub, Baker Pool & Spa will be providing free test soaks for local residents all month long. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call the company ahead of time to reserve their spot.

To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of their free buyer’s guide. Just give them a call or visit the website at: https://bakerpool.com

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Baker Pool & Spa
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