Dimension One Hot Tub Dealer Serving St. Louis, Fenton, and Wentzville Suggests, Stay Home and Soak This Holiday Season

Baker Pool & Spa, a premier Dimension One hot tub and portable spa dealer serving the St. Louis, Fenton, and Wentzville, Missouri area publishes “Stay Home and Soak This Holiday Season.”

“For many people, the holidays mean an almost constant barrage of traveling, cooking, and hosting family members. For some people, the get-togethers themselves can be full of anxiety and stress,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. This year create a new tradition, one that involves spending some time relaxing and getting rid of the holiday stress and anxiety.

Here are three ways to use a hot tub to stay home and soak this holiday season.

Add a Hot Tub to the Family Gift List – Give the gift that makes everyone feel great all year long. The soothing water of a portable spa will give people a place to escape to from the frustration


of holiday preparation, family dynamics, and just general exhaustion from holiday preparations.

Prepare for a Long Day of Holiday Shopping – Get ready to meet the day by soaking in the warm, swirling water of a portable spa early in the morning. The heated water helps increase blood flow, giving people a boost of energy that will carry them through any holiday hassle. Have that first cup of coffee or a brisk cup of tea ready to take with you it into the hot tub, or have it waiting for after the soak.

Enjoy a Long Relieving Soak after a Holiday Party – Once the family gathering is over, the soothing soak of a portable spa will release all of the tension before going to bed. Soaking in the calming water of a hot tub helps put the body in the perfect state for a good night’s sleep. The massaging jets work out any tension and fatigue from sore muscles. The warm water settles nerves and comforts mind, body, and soul. Relatives that are staying overnight will love the luxurious accommodations that the hot tub adds to their stay as well.

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