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Baker Pool & Spa Selling New and Used Hot Tubs in Chesterfield, Maryland Heights and Washington Missouri Shares Helpful Tips for Dealing with Pain

“Pain is a common experience that very few people can escape completely during their lifetime. In general, pain serves an important purpose. It is the body’s way of signaling to a person that something is wrong and needs to be cared for,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa.

Even though there is a good reason for accepting temporary pain, some pain lasts for a long time, and people who suffer from certain conditions, illnesses or diseases have no hope for relief in the foreseeable future. That can lead to depression, anxiety, and extreme stress.

September is Pain Awareness Month, a time used to help people understand their pain, deal with it and find the best resources to handle it. Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with pain.

Hydrotherapy for Pain Reduction



Hydrotherapy has long been used for pain. In ancient societies, hot springs were used to soak away pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and just have fun. Today, modern technology allows people to enjoy all of the same benefits and much more.

Hot Tubs and portable spas are one of the most marvelous advances in technology, upping the effectiveness of hydrotherapy and adding impact-free movement for additional healing properties. While the heated water encourages blood flow, the massage jets of a spa relax muscles which helps reduce stress in a safe, soothing environment.

Music Therapy for Pain Relief
Music and vibrations have been used for pain relief since ancient times. Music has been shown to help increase mental function and is beneficial to people dealing with heart rate and blood pressure issues following heart attacks.

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