How to Manage Stress With a Hot Tub at Home, Dimension One Spas Union MO

Stress and anxiety impact everyone; we all feel it. But taking steps to balance emotional and physical well-being can make stress more manageable. Here’s how to manage stress with a hot tub at home. Submerge the Body in Hot Water Within seconds of slipping into the hot tub, the natural buoyancy of water lifts and … Read More

Top Advantages of Hot Tub Ownership, D1 Spas O’Fallon

For millions of hot tub enthusiasts considering buying, here’s some good news: owning a hot tub has unique advantages. Personalized hydrotherapy from home is tough to beat. Here are the top advantages of hot tub ownership. Customized Massage Therapy Without an Appointment With a hot tub on your deck or patio, you can get the … Read More

A luxurious hot tub or spa can complement a healthy lifestyle while providing hours of quality time together from the comfort and privacy of home. If you’re in the market for a new hot tub or looking to maximize one you already own, here’s some good info: 3 ideas for fun in the hot tub. … Read More

Living with pain can be challenging, whether it’s chronic or temporary. For some, relief comes in the form of medication. But there is a more natural way to feel better. Here’s how you can use a hot tub at home to get fast, all-natural pain relief. Target Pain With Elevated, Sustained Heat Heat is one … Read More

If you own a hot tub and enjoy the experience, great! But have you thought about what else you can do to take full advantage of your investment? After all, your hot tub was designed to bring years of family fun to your home. Here are three ways to maximize hot tub ownership. Watch a … Read More

You’re not alone if you struggle with sleep. Before reaching for a sleep aid, why not explore the benefits of hydrotherapy in the family spa? A smart, safe, and all-natural alternative to medication, here are three ways to use a hot tub to enhance sleep. Eliminate Stress That Prevents Sleep When the body and mind … Read More

“Regular hot tub use is a proven way to increase health and well-being and a smart way to stay mentally and physically balanced,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Here are 3 signs it’s time for a hot tub at home. Pain Medication Alternative – Many people ive with aches and pains. Unfortunately, … Read More

When life gets complicated, it’s always helpful to take time for yourself, alone or with friends. Nothing beats the soothing relief of personalized massage for eliminating tension, muscle pain, or stress and lifting the spirits. Here’s how to beat the blues with a quick dip in the hot tub. Prioritize Time with Friends Soaking in … Read More

“Buying a hot tub is an exciting way to start down the path towards better health. With regular use, a hot tub at home can contribute to reduced stress, improved sleep, and quality times with friends and family,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Thinking through a few details will make it easy … Read More

After a long work week, it’s nice to have a way to relax and unwind. For some of us, that means spending time with friends and family. For others, it’s about soothing a tired body and mind. Here’s how to boost R&R with regular hot tub use. Pamper Yourself with Personalized Massage Whether you work … Read More

Optimized health and well-being means having plenty of energy and stamina to do the things you enjoy. When both body and mind are in synch, it’s easy to be your best. Here’s how to balance body and mind with regular hot tub use. De-stress Naturally Elevated stress can trigger a variety of discomforts, leaving you … Read More

If you have a great backyard, why not complement it with a gorgeous hot tub? This one investment can bring years of family fun, entertainment, and even improved health to all. Here are 3 smart reasons to add a hot tub to the backyard today. Re-Create the Spa Experience Everyone can benefit from a few … Read More

“Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for keeping the body and mind healthy, easing stress, soothing aches and pains, and promoting a healthy circulatory system,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Chronic pain often makes movement uncomfortable. Here’s how easy it is to get healthy with regular hot tub massage. Hydrotherapy is Easy on … Read More

Stretching your limbs in a gorgeous hot tub at home is a healthy lifestyle habit. Regular hot tub use contributes to a healthy heart, strong cardiovascular system, boosts immunity, and more. Here are three unexpected health benefits from everyday hot tub use. Boost Immunity Take a 20 to 30-minute dip in a warm, relaxing hot … Read More

The modern hot tub offers hydrotherapy, elevated heat, massage, and buoyancy – a unique combination for healing and comfort. Let’s explore hot tub hydrotherapy for a better you. How Does Hydrotherapy Work? Heat, massage, and buoyancy work together to provide head-to-toe relaxation. Slip into the spa, and as core body temperature increases, circulation improves, and … Read More

“Current hot tub owners already know how exhilarating a soak can be in the evenings after a long day of work. But people who have never experienced a hot tub hydrotherapy soak may not realize how heat, massage, and buoyancy can significantly impact overall health and well-being,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. … Read More

“Living the best life as people age involves knowing how to stay fit and healthy. While exercise plays an important role in vitality, not everyone can handle regular physical activity,” said John McCormick of Baker Pool & Spa. Chronic pain often makes movement uncomfortable. Add to that, challenges with getting to a gym or fitness … Read More

If you experience back pain, you’re not alone. Luckily, there is an alternative to using medication for relief. Soaking in a hot tub spa is a fast, effective way to target painful back muscles, releasing strain and easing discomfort. Here’s how to finally get past back pain with a hot tub at home. Target Deep … Read More

With hectic work schedules, endless family responsibilities, and more, finding time to relax and unwind can be challenging. Luckily, taking the time you need to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind is easier than ever with a hot tub. Here are 3 ways to enjoy downtime in a hot tub at home. Soak Away Aches … Read More

If you’ve recently vacationed you probably enjoyed the hot tub. Stretching out in hot, massaging water is a luxurious way to pamper body and mind. At-home spas are available at all price points, and modern families are making the investment. Put an End to Nagging Pain Aside from feeling great, submerging the body in heated, … Read More

Baker Pool & Spa, a local hot tub store and dealer serving Fenton, Arnold, and Kirkwood, MO., areas shares 3 Benefits of Hot Water Hydrotherapy at Home Health and wellness is a top priority for nearly everyone today. But people looking to make lasting improvements to body and mind should consider regular hot tub soaking,” … Read More

Baker Pool, a St. Louis Dimension One Hot Tub Dealer Serving Pacific and Webster Groves Publishes Senior Health Guide “Seniors can benefit tremendously through regular hot tub use. With elevated heat and massage, soaking in the spa is a safe, effective way to decrease chronic pain, improve joint and mobility issues and even promote longer, … Read More

Whether you want more energy for your grandkids, you’re looking to get rid of nagging pain, or just wake refreshed each day, regular hot tub use can help. Here’s how to reveal your best you with a hot tub at home. Soak to Revitalize, Refresh and Recharge! The physical benefits of using a hot tub … Read More

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep-related issues. If you’ve tried over-the-counter sleep aids and still can’t seem to get the rest you deserve, make this the year you find an alternative. Here are 3 ways to use a hot tub for amazing sleep. Create a Calm, Distraction-Free Environment A few minutes in the hot tub … Read More

Baker Pool & Spa, a premier hot tub and portable spa retailer serving the towns of Ladue, Frontenac, and Creve Coeur, MO., publishes 3 Ways to Reduce Diabetes Risks. “November is National Diabetes Month, a great time for people everywhere to take just a few minutes to evaluate their health habits and talk with their … Read More

With the cost of care increasing year over year, more people are looking for strategies to relax, rejuvenate, and manage stress at home before it becomes an issue. So how are they doing it? With a hot tub, of course! Here are three ways to use a hot tub spa to soak away stress. Personalized … Read More

Pain and discomfort make everything more challenging. For many of us, medication is the go-to solution for relief. Is there an alternative? Of course! And it’s as simple as soaking in the spa. Here are 3 fast pain relief tips to try in the hot tub. Soothe Muscles and Joints with Heat Maybe you overdid … Read More

One of the easiest ways to jumpstart health and well-being is with amazing sleep. Proper rest works to promote a healthy lifestyle, so you can look and feel your best. Here are three ways heat, massage, and buoyancy in the hot tub can maximize restful sleep. Get Rid of Nagging Aches and Pains It’s tough … Read More

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Most people are familiar with the amazing physical benefits of using a hot tub—easy pain relief, stress reduction, and even improved sleep. But enthusiasts are learning there’s even more reason to make the investment. Here are three forgotten benefits of hot tub ownership. Instant Curb Appeal From small compact models to large, it’s fun to … Read More

Unmanaged stress can lead to serious health problems. The good news is, soaking in a saltwater spa at home is the perfect solution for easing elevated stress. Here’s why a saltwater hot tub is the answer to easy stress management for a healthier, happier you. Relieve Tension Pain Naturally Luckily, a hot tub can help … Read More